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We are a small Greek Registered Not for Profit Charity who work tirelessly from a UK base to rescue and re-home many abandoned pups, dogs, kittens and cats on Crete. 

Cats for adoption

dogs for adoption

Fostering services

We are always desperately in need of good foster homes for our dogs both on Crete and in the UK.

If you live on Crete and you feel you could open your heart and your home to keeping these dogs safe,  get the veterinary care they need whilst they are prepared for travelling to their new forever homes, then please please contact us.

We urgently need temporary foster homes especially on Crete until the animal can be passported ready to travel. The dogs are at their most vulnerable and your compassion will make all the difference. Veterinary care costs and food is paid for by the charity. All we ask is that you keep them safe and give them some love in the meantime.

We also desperately need more fosters in the UK. A more permanent but temporary base in the UK means that prospective adopters can view the dog before making a decision. More importantly, it frees up space with the Crete fosters to provide ever-increasing places needed for dogs which are found abandoned and struggling to survive on their own.


As a foster, it is one of the most satisfying things you will do. Encouraging and allowing a dog to become happy, confident and settled means you get the privilege of them rewarding you with love, loyalty and an ever-increasing desire to make you happy with them. 

Please remember although our dogs may be good with other dogs and cats, it may be that existing dogs and cats you have may need a few days to settle in with your fostered/adopted dog. It’s important to realise that both parties will need time to adjust to their new housemates.

Also, please remember that if your dog has travelled from Crete to get to you, that you need to give it time to rest and a few days to settle into its new home before expecting it to start learning basic commands and being receptive to your enthusiastic advances. Quite often the dogs will just want to sleep and spend time quietly with you, to begin with.


Please contact us if you wish to become a foster and want to explore it in more detail.

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